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Pregled bibliografske jedinice broj: 724700

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Autori: Lončarić, Darko
Naslov: Testing Mediation with Learning and Coping Strategies: Direct and Mediated Effects of Anxiety and Self-Efficacy on School Performance
Knjiga: Different Psychological Perspectives on Cognitive Processes: Current Research Trends in Alps-Adria Region
Urednik/ci: Galmonte, Alessandra ; Actis-Grosso, Rossana
Izdavač: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Grad: Newcastle
Godina: 2014
Raspon stranica:: 369-389
ISBN: 1-4438-5628-2
Ključne riječi: Statistical Mediation, Learning, Coping, Anxiety, Self-Efficacy, School Performance
There is considerable empirical evidence suggesting that self-efficacy is one of the best motivational predictors of learning and achievement outcomes. Contemporary research using structural equation modelling (SEM) revealed that self-efficacy is the strongest predictor of academic performance (as measured by the grade point average [GPA]), when compared to other cognitive and motivational predictors (Coutinho & Neuman, 2008). Anxiety has a somewhat more complex relationship with academic achievement. Zeidner (1998) points out that a high level of anxiety usually leads to less adaptive cognitive processing and lower achievement, while Garcia and Pintrich (1994) suggest that some students can be motivated by anxiety to try harder and study more, thus increasing their achievement. Numerous researches have also investigated different mediating variables, usually focusing on cognitive learning strategies (e.g., Dowson & McInery, 1998 ; Garavalia & Gredler, 2002). Research has also focused on the effects of coping strategies on academic achievement, but coping strategies were rarely considered as mediators of motivation-achievement relationship. Finally, until today, research has not fully recognized the importance of comparing mediational models that include different mediators from different lines of research (such as educational research that puts emphasis on learning strategies and clinical research that puts emphasis on coping strategies). The primary goal of this study was to integrate isolated lines of research related to self- efficacy, test anxiety, coping and learning strategies into comparable mediational models that could explain academic achievement as measured by the GPA. Several methodological problems regarding measurement error, inconsistent mediation effects and artificial direct effects will be discussed, and some solutions and empirical example will be presented.
Izvorni jezik: ENG
Kategorija: Znanstveni
Znanstvena područja:
Puni text rada: 724700.2014_Loncaric_LEARNING_COPING_ANXIETY_SELF-EFFICACY__SCHOOL.pdf (tekst priložen 16. Ožu. 2015. u 22:26 sati)
Upisao u CROSBI: Darko Lončarić (, 29. Lis. 2014. u 17:40 sati

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