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Autori: Prskalo,; Badrić, M; Kvesić, I
Naslov: Organizational forms of work in kinesiological education and curriculum differences in some European countries
Izvornik: Physical Educaction and Sport- Competences for Life / Geshev, Pencho (ur.). - Sofia : SPORT & SCIENCE Magazin , 2014. 70-70.
ISSN: 1310-3393
Mjesto i datum: Sofia, Bulgaria, 9-12.10.2014.
Ključne riječi: curriculum ; physical and health education activities ; extracurricular activities ; duration of the school period
In the field of physical and health education goals and tasks are realized by numerous forms of organization of work in the basic and differentiated program. School period of physical and health education is the basic organizational form of work but also the foundation for introducing pupils to other organizational forms of work, whether it's about extracurricular or out of school activities. In this paper comparative analysis is used in comparing subject curricula of physical and health education in several European countries. Comparison is primarily related to the organizational forms of work, as well as program content used in teaching physical and health education and duration of a school period. All analyzed countries as a constant feature a school period of physical and health education in their curricula. Minimal differences appear in the defining other organizational forms of work. Also minor differences appear in the program contents. The biggest difference is reflected in the annual fund of compulsory school periods of physical and health education. These differences are consequence of unevenness of the weekly workload of teaching physical and health education in most European countries. It was noted that some countries prefer out of school compared to extracurricular activities, which leads to different conclusions, but they are almost certain indicator of unpreparedness of the educational system to meet the needs of pupils.
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