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Autori: Mimica, Ninoslav; Dajčić, Mira; Šimić, Goran
Naslov: Alzheimer Croatia - helping people with dementia from 1999
Izvornik: Abstract Booklet - 28th International Conference of Alzheimer's disease InternationalLondon : Alzheimer's Disease International , 2013. 230-230.
Skup: 28th International Conference of Alzheimer's disease International
Mjesto i datum: Taipei, Taiwan, 18-20.04.2013.
Ključne riječi: AD; ADSC; dementia; psychogeriatric symposium; Alzheimer's day; 24-hours help-line
Alzheimer Croatia (AC), former Alzheimer Disease Societies Croatia (ADSC), since its beginnings from 1999 is helping people with dementia (PWD), their families and careers. We are fighting stigma, and bringing education to target and general population. Our Society doesn't have paid staff, so the whole work is done by volunteers. In our Counseling centre we have weekly meetings for families of PWD and ali other interested. The AC has published four booklets, various leaflets, ali in large number and we distributed them for free in public places. Tili know our members have for numerous times spoken to media (TV, radio, newspapers) and we have organized various lectures, participate on many Meetings, Conferences and Congresses dealing with AD and dementia - ali in the aim to raise avvareness on dementia, and to present our work for PWD and their caregivers. In year 2012 we have organized the 6* Croatian Congress on AD with international participation in Primosten and this was one of the biggest meeting on AD in Croatia. Beside that AC organized three Psychogeriatric Symposiums on island Rab, last one in 2006. For last eight years we celebrate the VVorld Alzheimer's day (September 21st), on the most popular squares in center of Zagreb. We have also organized the humanitarian public happenings called "Summer evenings on Zrinjevac" in which we raise some money for the AC. Our web- site ( is rebuilt and tili today we have more than 33000 visits. On our 24-hours help-line (+385 91 569 16 60) we are receiving calls every day coming from whole Croatia, but also from Bosnia & Herzegovina and some other countries from the region. We are regularly replying to numerous letters coming through e-mail ( Our work is also internationally recognized, so we become a full member of Alzheimer's Disease International (ADI) in 2006, and of Alzheimer Europe (AE) in 2012. We have a nice place for our office, in the center of metropolis (Vlaska 24, Zagreb).
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