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Autori: Lotar Rihtarić, Martina; Badurina Sertić, Đulijana; Baranček, Smiljka
Naslov: Psychopathy and anger among incarcerated sexual offenders and violent nonsexual offenders
Izvornik: 14th Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology, Criminology of Europe: Inspiration in Diversity - Book of Abstracts, Prague, 10-13 September, 2014
Skup: 14th Annual Conference of the ESC
Mjesto i datum: Prag, Češka, 10-13.09.2014.
Ključne riječi: sexual offenders ; violent nonsexual offenders ; psychopathy ; anger
Sexual offenders represent heterogeneous group that differs in risk, criminal act, treatment needs, personality (e.g. Rebocho & Gonçalves, 2012 ; Robertiello & Terry, 2007). Previous research results suggest that rapist are motivated by violence, anger and power (e.g. Miller, 2014 ; Vukota, 2010), whereas child molesters are motivated by the sexual experience itself (e.g. Porter et al., 2000). Rapists have greater antisocial history, and show greater violence. Taking into account all these results it is justifiable to conclude that different profile sexual offenders also differ in psychopathy. This assumption has been confirmed by different studies that have shown that rapists have higher levels of psychopathy than child molesters (e.g. Firestone, Bradford, Greenberg & Serran, 2000 ; Porter et al., 2000 ; Olver & Wong, 2006). The aim of this study was to explore contribution of different psychopathic personality traits and anger in differentiating rapist, child molesters and violent nonsexual offenders. The participants in this study were imprisoned adult males convicted of rape (55 inmates), child molestation (40 inmates) and nonsexual violent crimes (51 inmates) currently serving their sentences in the Croatian’s penitentiaries. All participants filled out Psychopathic Personality Inventory-Revised (PPI-R ; Lilienfeld & Widows, 2005) and State- Trait Anger Expression Inventory-2 (STAXI-2, Spielberger, 2000). Results have shown that sexual offenders (both convicted rapists and child molesters) have lower result on Carefree Nonplanfulness (CN) and Deviant Responding (DR) than nonsexual violent offenders. Rapists show significantly higher Coldheartedness (C) than child molesters while the nonsexual violent offenders showed the highest Coldheartedness. There are no differences in anger as state and trait, and also anger expression and anger control between these three groups of offenders. This research results suggested that the most prominent trait that differs rapist, child molesters and nonsexual violent offenders is emotional deficit, just one aspect of psychopathy, and not psychopathy altogether.
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