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Autori: Baban, Ljubomir
Naslov: Croatian agriculture at the crossroads
Izvornik: Croatian agriculture at the crossroads : (the country position paper of the Republic of Croatia) / Bašić, Ferdo ; Caput, Pavo ; Bićanić, Vlado ; Kralik, Gordana ; Piližota, Vlasta (ur.). - Zagreb : The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the Republic of Croatia , 1996. X.
Skup: The World Food Summit
Mjesto i datum: Rim, Italija, 13-14.11.1996.
Ključne riječi: X
As a new state on the political map and a new FAO member, but with a rich tradition in the development of agriculture, agricultural science and education, with considerable capacities for agricultural production, Croatia attaches particular importance to contemporary problems of food supply and for this reason has unreservedly supported the idea of holding the world food summit. We should stress an once: Croatia belongs to the circle of countries that will be able to meet its own food needs and will be able to export an important part to the markets of developed and developing countries. Croatia has opted for a sustainable development, in which the basis of the economy is tourism and agriculture. This orientation presupposes a protected and unharmed evnivornment on the one hand, and a rich and diverse supply of food including food of exceptional quality, produced by alternative methods, on the other. Also, the sicence and research capacities and the network of educational institutions for the training of all kinds of personnel in agriculture open up opportunities for collaboration with developed and devloping countries. The main objective of the National Report is to prepare of Croatian Mission for the World Summit, the ambition of which is to map out the routes for the development of world agriculture and food production. In order to fulfill this objective, the National Report ha to answer the question: what is Croatia doing and what can it offer the world by way of a contributiočn to the increase of food security? Fo this, it is necessary to analyse all aspects of food security at a national level, especially factors that affect food security, so that on the basis of this the basic direction of activity might be defined, as well as the way to meet the challenges of tomorrow. The Report also aims at starting up a dialoque about all the open questions of tomorrow, particularly of a plan directed towards greater food security fo the population of Croatia, a dialogue between governmental and non-gvernmental organizations and individuals, or the professional and the wider public, so that ultimtely it should be possible to gain some insight into the place and attitude of Croatia towards the topics defined in the documents for the lead-up to the World Food Summit. We should state that the topics an the materials prepared by the Summit Secretariat, that is the FAO, have constituted a basic guideline and very valuable support for the elaboration of this report. Bearing in mind the fact that in the preparation of this Report practically all the scientific institutions and distinguished individuals from the areas ofthe production, processing and trade in food in Croatia have taken part, we are convinced that it will meet all expectations and constitute for our mission a reliable backing fo the Summit. In this connection, we would like to perform a pleasant duty and warmly thank all our many associates, without whom it would have been extremely difficult to complete the work on this very important task.
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