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Autori: Mindoljević Drakulić, Aleksandra
Naslov: Time perspective in psychodrama psychotherapy group
Izvornik: 55th International Neuropsychiatric Congress - Highlights in neurology and psychiatry
Skup: 55th International Neuropsychiatric Congress - Highlights in neurology and psychiatry
Mjesto i datum: Pula, Hrvatska, 27. - 30. 05. 2015.
Ključne riječi: psihodrama; psihodramska psihoterapija; psihoterapijska grupa; vremenska crta; ovdje i sada; ondje i tada
The components of time in psychodrama include not only psychotherapeutic but the phenomenological and philosophical component as well. All three time dimensions of past, present and future coexist in the life of a protagonist in a psychodrama group and as such may be successfully integrated by psychodrama techniques through psychotherapy process. Time in psychodrama may speed up or slow down, suspend or freeze. In psychodrama all action takes place in the “here and now” and is carried out in a context that offers psychological safety through configuration and personalisation. The expression “here and now” refers to the overall process and the current actions that take place in group therapy between the group therapist, group members and the protagonist. However, there are also recollections of past events to be found in group therapy. This linking of the “there and then” with the “here and now” situation is crucial to the therapist and the group. This paper describes the past events in order to understand and change the present events in the psychodrama psychotherapy process. In this flexible and creative distortion of time the protagonist, group members and the therapist can easily see a series of therapeutic benefits. This case uses the time-line method to engage a member of the psychodrama group in the action so as to combine his past and present events with the anticipation of future feelings and events, that is to say to combine the here-and-now observations and experience with the there-and-then observations and experience.
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Kliničke medicinske znanosti,Psihologija
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