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Autori: Škovrlj, Kristina; Luca Mrđen, Jadranka; Kralj, Dora; Buljan Flander, Gordana
Naslov: Presence of forms of abuse and neglect in children with
Skup: 6th European congress of mental health in intellectual disability
Mjesto i datum: Zagreb, Hrvatska, 11.-13.10.2007.
Ključne riječi: abuse; neglect; intellectual disability
Frequent reaction of wider public, but also of trained professionals in different occupations, which during their professional work come in contact with abused children, is denial of existence of children abuse and diminution of impact of consequences on child development. There are different myths present which state that children with development difficulties are not at risk of abuse. Such attitude can result in diminished attention towards this problem, and it can also cause risk enlargement. As all other children, so can children with development difficulties also experience abuse and neglect in many different forms. With the analysis of data on abused and neglected children, who have been treated in Center for child protection Zagreb in the last three years, and there were 2653 children, 107 of those children or 4% were diagnosed with intellecutal disability and some form of abuse. The aim of the poster is to present information gathered form clinical sample, which indicate different forms of abuse and neglect to which children with intellectual disability have been exposed to. The information indicates that in our sample the largest number of children was emotionally and sexually abused. After these follows neglect, and the percentage of children who have experienced sexual abuse being victimized by adolescent person is quite high. Aside from forms of abuse and neglect in children with intellectual disability the information will also be analysed considering the aspect of age, gender and familiy characteristics. Let us hope that analysis od clinical information can contribute to the process of expansion of general consciousness and by doing so to the shaping of prevention and intervention programs for abused and neglected children with intellectual disability.
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Kategorija: Ostalo
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Upisao u CROSBI: Gordana Buljan Flander (, 26. Lip. 2015. u 12:36 sati

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