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Autori: Barada, Valerija; Primorac, Jaka; Buršić, Edgar
Naslov: ‘Workstyle’ strategies in the cultural nonprofit sector: The case of Croatia
Izvornik: Freedom & Necessity: Class Differences, Lifestyles and Coping Strategies in the Times of Economic Crisis / Tomić-Koludrović, Inga ; Cvetičanin, Predrag (ur.). - Zagreb : Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar , 2015. 37-38 (ISBN: 978-953-8964-29-0).
Skup: Freedom & Necessity: Class Differences, Lifestyles and Coping Strategies in the Times of Economic Crisis
Mjesto i datum: Split, Hrvatska, 3-4.10.2015.
Ključne riječi: culture; nonprofit sector; work; employment loyalty; personal choice; crisis resistant; Croatia
“Workstyle” can be understood as an intersection of lifestyle and labor strategies that are present in the cultural nonprofit sector. The everyday life of workers in this sector in Croatia, irrespective of whether they are fully employed or working on part-time or similar contracts, is seen as a continuum of working and “belonging” to the sector. Thus working in this sector can be understood more as a “calling” and a personal choice that is only partly defined by structural restraints. These path-dependent workstyles are a permanent coping strategy without which it is almost impossible to maintain a career in the cultural nonprofit sector. The legal format of the publicly funded organization of the civil society has proven to be resistant to economic and political changes, since the number of these organizations and the number of their members is rather stable. The number of employed people does not exceed seven persons per organization ; and half of the surveyed organizations do not have permanent employees at all. In spite of employment uncertainty, those involved in this sector loyally remain in it, although they did voice a desire to change sectors. However, they managed to earn an average Croatian pay that is often reinforced by the possibility of self-development and expression although this entails continuous work, without free weekends or holidays. However, these workers are more content with life and are happier than an average Croatian citizen. They feel that it is necessary to be a ‘special kind of person’ to survive in the sector, which they do not even consider a place of employment. This paper is based on field research into the work conditions in the cultural nonprofit sector, which was conducted in 2014 and 2015 under the auspices of the Kultura Nova Foundation. Two on-line surveys were carried out in 2014, the first one aimed at active organizations (N=93), and the other one aimed at the employees of those organizations (N=111). The qualitative part of the research, consisting of twenty semi-structured interviews, further investigated the work and life experiences of the major stakeholders of the sector.
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