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Authors: Jukić Špika, Maja; Škevin, Dubravka; Žanetić, Mirella
Title: Phenolics and fatty acid composition of Oblica and Leccino virgin olive oils affected by seasonal weather variability
Meeting: 13th EuroFed Lipd Congress ; Fats, Oils and Lipids: new Challenges in Technology, Quality Control and Health
Location and date: Florence, Italy, 27. - 30.09.2015.
Keywords: phenolic compounds; fatty acid composition; environmental factors; Virgin olive oil
Environmental factors such as light, temperature and quantity of available water affects the biosynthesis of phenolic compounds and fatty acids of virgin olive oils, their mutual content and ratios which have an affect on the final product quality and stability. The influence of seasonal weather fluctuation, in term of air temperature and rainfall, on the phenolic content and fatty acid composition was investigated in 'Oblica’ and 'Leccino' virgin olive oils grown in Dalmatia, Croatia. Specified parameters have shown to be significantly influenced by climate conditions. The oleic fatty acid was negatively correlated, while the palmitic, linoleic and linolenic fatty acids were positively correlated with average daily air temperatures in the period of intensive growth and ripening of olives. The content of total phenolic compounds in the Oblica and Leccino virgin olive oils was significantly different depending on the year of cultivation, although the cultivars showed different behavior with regard to climatic parameters during the year. In the Oblica virgin olive oils highest average content of phenolic compounds was recorded in driest year, while in the Leccino oils highest values were in the year with most rainfall. No correlations between the content of phenolic compounds in oils and rainfalls in July and August were recorded, while negative correlation was observed with the content of phenolic compounds and the amount of rain in September.
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Food processing technology
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