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Autori: Sindik, Joško
Naslov: Considering the role of individual differences associated with psychological characteristics when coaching elite senior male basketball players
Knjiga: The Psychology of Effective Coaching and Management
Urednik/ci: Davis, Paul A.
Izdavač: NOVA Publishers
Grad: New York
Godina: 2015
Serija: Edition: Sport and Athletics Preparation, performance, and Psychology
Raspon stranica:: 321-351
Ukupni broj stranica u knjizi:: 443
ISBN: 978-1-63483-787-3
Ključne riječi: basketball, cohesion, coach, hardiness, perfectionism, response style
The present chapter describes the role of psychological characteristics and perceived group cohesion for basketball coaches. Thus, the chapter presents the findings of a study aiming to determine the differences in selected psychological characteristics and perceived group cohesion in top senior male basketball players, in relation to several independent variables: their position in the team, total situational efficacy, age, playing experience and the time spent on the court within the single game and the number of games played within the whole championship season. The sample of 74 basketball players is comprised of players from nine men's senior basketball teams that played in A-1 Croatian men's basketball league championship. The results show that there are no significant multivariate effects among different groups of players in the set of psychological characteristics according to their: position in the team (point/shooting guards and forwards/centers) ; total situational efficacy (worse and better) ; interaction between the position in the team and the total situational efficacy ; minutes spent on the court during the game (more and less) ; playing experience (more and less). However, significant multivariate effects are found in extreme estimations on the Likert scales of psychological measuring instruments for the position in team, basketball experience and the interaction between age and basketball experience. Identification of differences in psychological characteristics of basketball players could enable coaches to select players with the optimal psychological profiles of top- level basketball players. On the other hand, the insight into differences in psychological characteristics of all players in a certain basketball team could help coaches to define the most suitable players’ roles in the team, in specific game situations.
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