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Autori: Pribanić, Tomislav; Petković, Tomislav; Đonlić, Matea
Naslov: A Low-Cost Automated System to Measure the Three- Dimensional Shape of Trunk Surface
( A Low-Cost Automated System to Measure the Three- Dimensional Shape of Trunk Surface )
Izvornik: Abstract Book of Fourth Croatian Computer Vision Workshop (CCVW 2015) / Lončarić, Sven ; Krapac, Josip (ur.). - Zagreb : Center of Excellence for Computer Vision, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb , 2015. 16-17.
Skup: Fourth Croatian Computer Vision Workshop (CCVW 2015)
Mjesto i datum: Zagreb, Hrvatska, 22.09.2015.
Ključne riječi: 3D system ; structured light ; human torso ; scoliosis
( 3D system ; structured light ; human torso ; scoliosis )
The aim of this project is to develop a low- cost automated system for measuring the 3D shape of the human torso. It will enable numerous physicians to acquire a model of the patients trunk surface (TS). TS symmetry is one of the key elements in diagnostic and evaluation of various treatments in patients with trunk deformities. Common radiographic evaluation methods are known to expose patients to a radiation with harmful side effects. Thus, there has been a constant motivation among researchers to develop an optimal methodology for accurate 3D reconstruction of the trunk and to investigate development of a 3D reconstruction system which will capture both back and front of the patient, i.e. the entire trunk surface, including dynamic and static conditions. In turn it would enable a more thorough analysis of the patient’s deformity pattern. In this presentation we give an overview of developed methods and recent experimental results for the 3D object reconstruction. A second major goal during this project is to derive certain clinical parameters using generated three dimensional trunk model in order to quantify trunk deformities. In designing 3D system we underline that we plan to research the implementation of both passive and active stereovision strategies. Researching the implementation of combined best features from passive and active stereo for one concrete of 3D system aimed at TS reconstruction (scoliosis), would be a great contribution for potential other 3D applications.
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Projekt / tema: HRZZ-IP-2013-11-3717
Izvorni jezik: eng
Kategorija: Znanstveni
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Upisao u CROSBI: Tomislav Pribanić (, 28. Pro. 2015. u 15:15 sati
Prezentacija HRZZ-ovog projekta IP-11-2013-3717

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