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Autori: Renata Franc; Vlado Sakic; Vanja Međugorac
Naslov: The social representation of Croatian history: the role of individual political ideology
Izvornik: ECP 2015 Abstract Book / Micol Tummino, Martina Bollati, Martina Widmann (ur.). - Milano : Innexta S.r.l. - , 2015. 1147-1147 (ISBN: 9788898116225).
Skup: The 14th European Congress of Psychology: Linking technology and psychology: feeding the mind, energy for life
Mjesto i datum: Milano, Italija, 07-10.07. 2015
Ključne riječi: social representation; national history; Croatia; political ideology
The aims of the present paper are, first to investigate the content of the social representation of Croatian history, second, to examine whether the content of representations of national history is related to individual self-placement on left right ideology scale. Empirical studies about social representations of national history are relatively rare. Moreover, although social representations are simultaneously social and individual, there is a lack of research on the determinants of social representations of history on the individual level.This study will explore the role of individual political ideology (self-placement on left right scale) in social representations of national history. Data were collected by face to face survey, conducted in 2014 on a representative sample of Croatian citizens (18 years and over ; N=1000 ; response rate 66, 5%). The participants were asked to list, the three most important events in Croatian history. Besides interpreting the results within a framework of general characteristics of the representation of world and national history, taking into account differences between this and previous studies, as well as Croatian context (recent establishment of independence and sovereignty, former Communist country), the data will be interpreted in the context of individual determinants of representations of history as well as with regard to context specific meaning of left-right self-placement.
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