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Autori: Senić, Damir; Šarolić, Antonio; Joskiewicz, Zbigniew, M.; Holloway, Christopher L.
Naslov: Absorption Cross-Section Measurements of a Human Model in a Reverberation Chamber
Izvornik: IEEE transactions on electromagnetic compatibility (0018-9375) 58 (2016), 3; 721-728
Vrsta rada: članak
Ključne riječi: Absorption cross-section ; absorption effectiveness (AE) ; human exposure ; loading ; Q-factor ; reverberation chamber
We provide the results of human body absorption cross-section (ACS) measurements. The setup was based on the reverberation chamber as a well- known measurement environment capable of performing ACS measurements. The approach was supported by reference measurements on canonically shaped objects which were convenient for analytical (Mie scattering theory) ACS calculations. Measured ACS of canonical objects was in excellent agreement with calculated values. The ACS measurements of a human model were performed: 1) on an actual human body in an upright posture and 2) on a cylindrical water model made of vertically stacked water-filled jugs. The cylindrical model had the same water content as an average human body. Comparison between these two models showed a small difference in measured ACS within the measurement uncertainty of our setup. Thus, the cylindrical water model proved to be a useful artifact, especially for time- consuming broadband ACS measurements.
Projekt / tema: 023-0000000-3273
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DOI: 10.1109/TEMC.2016.2522949
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Google Scholar: Absorption Cross-Section Measurements of a Human Model in a Reverberation Chamber
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