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Autori: Matijašević, Željka
Naslov: Human vs. Mechanical in Lacan’s ‘Borderland’ : Fetishistic Strategies
Izvornik: JCFAR-Journal of the Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research (1351-5470) 27 (2016); 34-56
Vrsta rada: članak
Ključne riječi: mechanicism ; borderland ; fetishism
The article, in its first part, examines the location of death in Lacan’s discourse, particularly in his second seminar, and the relation between mechanicism and vitalism. The ‘aliveness’ of the subject in the Symbolic resides in the intensity with which he manages to run his mechanical structure, insofar as he is the subject, the intensity which comprises the risk of undergoing a short circuit, supplied by jouissance. The second part investigates the culture of intensity (jouissance) as one of the manifestations of the borderline culture which should be deduced from the psychoanalytic clinical category of ‘borderline’, in the way the latter is articulated in the works of Otto F. Kernberg and Heinz Kohut.
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Google Scholar: Human vs. Mechanical in Lacan’s ‘Borderland’ : Fetishistic Strategies
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