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Autori: Vuković, Igor; Božić, Joško; Markotić, Anita; Ljubičić, Srećko; Tičinović Kurir, Tina
Naslov: The missing link - likely pathogenetic role of GM3 and other gangliosides in the development of diabetic nephropathy
Izvornik: Kidney & blood pressure research (1420-4096) 40 (2015), 3; 306-314
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Ključne riječi: ganglioside ; GM3 ; diabetic nephropathy ; lipid rafts
Despite scientific advances, diabetic nephropathy remains both a therapeutical challenge, and one of the major diabetic complications. Chemical structure of gangliosides, the most complex of glycosphingolipids, is characterised by one or more sialic acids and carbohydrate groups linked to a ceramide structure. Their potential pathogenetic role in a number of disorders linked to diabetes mellitus has recently been conjectured, due to evidence of their negative modulation of the insulin-mediated signaling and general effects on key cell functions like proliferation, differentiation, apoptosis, cellular signaling and adhesion. Elevated levels of advanced glycation products (AGE) usually found in diabetic conditions seem to be responsible for increased concentration of a-series gangliosides in tissues, most notably GM3. GM3 was shown to compromise the renal pericyte and mesangial cell regeneration via the inactivation of VEGF receptor and the receptor-associated Akt signaling pathway. Likewise, the lipid raft theory opened a new research area for GM3 influence, since in the glycosynapse model glycosphingolipids have a key cell-to-cell communication unit with modulating capabilities on signaling receptors. The goal of this review is to provide insight into currently available theories on proposed mechanisms that mark the GM3 as a pathophysiological mediator in the development of diabetic nephropathy.
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DOI: 10.1159/000368506
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Google Scholar: The missing link - likely pathogenetic role of GM3 and other gangliosides in the development of diabetic nephropathy
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