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Autori: Lončarić, Darko; Nikčević-Milković, Anela
Naslov: Learning to self-regulate creative writing in schools: effects of goals and motivation on writing self-regulation and performance
Izvornik: 13th ICIE Conference on Excellence in Education & Psychology
Skup: 13th ICIE Conference on Excellence in Education & Psychology
Mjesto i datum: Rijeka, Croatia, 18.-21.05.2016.
Ključne riječi: Creative writing; writing strategies; self-regulated writing; goal orientations in learning to write.
Creative writing is a very complex and cognitively demanding activity requiring the use of the cognitive writing strategies and simultaneous activation of metacognitive, motivational, affective and behavioural processes, and the control of the immediate environmental or the contextual variables. That is the reason why writing implies self- regulation of all the above-mentioned activities and surrounding by the individual who creates the text. Learning to self- regulate creative writing is an important competence that students need to acquire according to the school curriculum. Therefore, the aim of this study was to examine in the ecologically valid school task (writing an essay) the direct and indirect effects of writing goals and values on the success of the writing activity and to verify if those effects were mediated through the use of self-regulation strategies. The procedure of writing the essay exam was identical to the one used in the state final exams. High school students (N=231 ; 127 girls ; mean age=18, 35 ; SD=0, 667) participated in this study. Using the mediation analyses, we have tested direct and indirect effects of writing goals, values and self-efficacy on writing achievement (a standardised scoring procedure performed by two independent evaluators). We have found that the learning goal orientation, the performance goal orientation and the value of writing have indirect positive effects on writing achievement through increased use of planning and self- guiding writing strategy. On the other hand self-efficacy of self- regulated writing had a direct positive effect on the writing achievement. These results indicate the importance of self- regulation processes in highly complex tasks in creative writing.
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