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Autori: Erceg Jugović, Inja; Kuterovac Jagodić, Gordana
Naslov: Perceived peer influence on body dissatisfaction in early and late adolescence
Izvornik: 37th STAR CONFERENCE: Book of abstracts / Lauri Korajlija, Anita ; Begić, Dražen ; Jurin, Tanja (ur.). - Zagreb : Medicinska naklada , 2016. 213-213 (ISBN: 978-953-176-757-6).
Mjesto i datum: Zagreb, Hrvatska, 06.-08.07.2016.
Ključne riječi: adolescence; body dissatisfaction; peer influence; peer pressure stress; gender difference
Body dissatisfaction is a discrepancy between ideal and current body size and is a risk factor for body preoccupation and eating disorders. In adolescence peer relationships become more intimate, and peers have an important role in body image development. Adolescents can experience peer pressure stress when their peers tease them, persuade them to change physical appearance, talk about appearance and give them appearance-related models. Direct negative comments can have an extremely detrimental effect on body image and leave a long-term consequences. The aim of this study was to examine gender differences and the differences between girls and boys in early and late adolescence in perceived peer influence on body dissatisfaction, as well as to determine the relations between these variables. 430 primary school students (M=12.21 ; SD=.948 ; 47.1% girls) and 626 secondary school students (M=17.15, SD=.601 ; 58.2% girls) filled in the Body Image and Body Change Questionnaire (McCabe & Ricciardelli, 2002) and The Perceived Sociocultural Influences on Body Image and Body Change Questionnaire (McCabe & Ricciardelli, 2001). Girls give more importance to what their peers think about their body, perceive more positive comments about appearance from female peers and more appearance-related modeling, whereas boys perceive more positive comments from male peers and more pressure for muscularity. Comments about appearance are more negative in early than in late adolescence in both girls and boys, but are more important to girls in late and to boys in early adolescence. Pressure for thinness is positively related to body dissatisfaction in girls and boys in early adolescence. In late adolescence comments about appearance, appearance-related modeling, pressure for thinness and for muscularity are related to body dissatisfaction in girls only. These findings suggest that girls, especially in late adolescence, may be more exposed to stress caused by appearance-related peer influence.
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