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Autori: Anić, Jadranka Rebeka
Naslov: Women from Spiritual Counselors to Confessors?
( Women from Spiritual Counselors to Confessors? )
Skup: Gender and Ecclesiology. An Intercultural Dialogue
Mjesto i datum: Tagaytay, Filipini, 14. – 17. 07. 2016.
Ključne riječi: women spiritual director; confessor; Gender; ecclesiology;
( women spiritual director; confessor; Gender; ecclesiology; )
According to the theology of the Second Vatican Council and the Code of Canon Law of 1983, lay men and women in the Catholic Church can perform a variety of pastoral services, which do not require ordination. In this sense, they can be spiritual directors either explicitly in a set up service or implicitly, in everyday life. However, lay people cannot be confessors. Although spiritual direction and confession are mutually different and do not necessarily have to be connected to the one person, confession as a part of spiritual direction sometimes can be beneficial. This presentation is to show that the so-called tradition of lay or monastic confession existed in the church. This type of confession was an integral part of spiritual direction and was not connected to the priesthood, but was based on the spiritual authority of the person regardless of sex. The aim of this presentation is to ask whether this neglected tradition of lay confession, enriches the modern-day services of spiritual directors and the meaning this could have for women.
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