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Autori: Tokić Milaković, Ana; Ružojčić, Mitja
Naslov: Predictors of academic motivation and high-school achievement in adolescents who grew up in poverty
Izvornik: Abstract book / ECPP 2016 (ur.). - Angers :
Skup: ECPP 2016 - 8th European Conference on Positive Psychology
Mjesto i datum: Angers, Francuska, 28.6-1.7.2016.
Ključne riječi: poverty ; academic motivation ; school attainment ; parenting ; self-determination theory
Poverty is considered a broad-spectrum risk factor affecting many aspects of individuals functioning, yet many impoverished children are well adjusted (Owens & Shaw, 2003). Educational attainment notably increases the individuals’ chances to find a successful way out of the cycle of poverty, which may significantly contribute to their positive adjustment. The level and the quality of academic motivation seems to play a central role in prediction of the students’ educational outcomes (Gottfried, Gottfried, Morris, & Cook, 2008). Therefore, the main aims of this study were to identify the dominant predictors of different types of motivation for attending high-school (extrinsic, intrinsic and amotivation) based on Ryan and Deci’s (2000) Self-determination theory, and to establish the link between different types of motivation and school outcomes (school dropout and school achievement) in adolescents raised in circumstances of poverty. A sample of young adults was recruited from the families registered as welfare recipients during their children’s high-school education period in the Social welfare centers in Croatia. The participants retrospectively assessed their motivation for attending high-school (Vallerand et al., 1992), their school attainment (completion and average grade), as well as some of their individual (average grade in primary school, problem behavior, talent), school- related (type of school, school of own choice) and family-related features (suitable learning environment at home, cultural capital, psychological needs supporting parenting, social support, parental involvement in school etc..). The results will be discussed within the framework of the Self-determination theory (Ryan & Deci, 2000) and in terms of their implications for the educational, employment and social welfare policy.
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