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Autori: Slišković, Ana; Penezić, Zvjezdan
Naslov: Occupational stressors, risk and health in the seafaring population
Izvornik: Review of psychology (1330-6812) 22 (2015), 1-2; 29-40
Vrsta rada: članak
Ključne riječi: seafarers; occupational stressors; mortality; physical health; well-being
Previous studies indicate that the most important stressors in the seafaring population are: long-term separation from home and families ; loneliness and social isolation ; work-related stressors (high workload and long working hours, low control and work-role conflict), and environmental stressors related to life on board. The seafaring population is also subject to many risks, especially those relating to accidents and injuries, pirate incidents, morbidity from infectious diseases, the limited ability to provide medical aid on board, and an increased risk of cancer. Studies of seafarers’ mortality indicate that this population is still characterized by a high risk of fatal accident, diseases that are the results of an unhealthy lifestyle, and also by the high level of suicides in the seafaring population, which could be seen as a reflection of impaired mental health. The physical health of seafarers has been the subject of numerous studies, which have focused mostly on cardiovascular diseases and cancer. On the other hand, the mental health and psychological well-being of seafarers are relatively less well-explored. Finally, the paper gives some guidance for further studies, as well as recommendations for minimizing the negative effects of occupational stressors and risks on seafarers’ health.
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Google Scholar: Occupational stressors, risk and health in the seafaring population
Upisao u CROSBI: Ana Slišković (, 26. Ruj. 2016. u 10:03 sati

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