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Autori: Bakotić, Marija; Radošević-Vidaček, Biserka; Košćec Bjelajac, Adrijana
Naslov: Morningness-eveningness and daytime functioning in university students: the mediating role of sleep characteristics
Izvornik: Journal of sleep research (0962-1105) 26 (2017), 2; 210-218
Vrsta rada: članak
Ključne riječi: Circadian preferences ; Parallel multiple mediation ; Young adults
The aim of the study was to explore the mediating role of sleep characteristics in the relationship between morningness-eveningness and three different aspects of daytime functioning ; daytime sleepiness, depressive mood and substance use ; in university students. A multiple mediator model was proposed with sleep debt, poor sleep quality and bedtime delay on weekend as parallel mediators in these relationships. We analyzed the data of 1052 university students aged 18 to 25 years who completed a modified version of the School Sleep Habits Survey, which included questions on sleep and the Composite Scale of Morningness, Sleepiness Scale, Depressive Mood Scale, and Substance Use Scale. Students with more pronounced eveningness reported greater daytime sleepiness, greater depressive mood and more frequent substance use, as well as greater sleep debt, poorer sleep quality and greater bedtime delay on weekends. Mediation analyses indicated that morningness-eveningness affected daytime sleepiness and substance use both directly and indirectly through all proposed sleep-related mediators. However, the effect of morningness-eveningness on depressive mood was entirely indirect and was accounted for more by poor sleep than by sleep debt or bedtime irregularity. In conclusion, there are multiple possible mechanisms through which morningness-eveningness affects daytime functioning in university students, and sleep characteristics are a significant one. Sleep debt, poor sleep quality and bedtime irregularity can, to a significant extent, explain the feeling of daytime sleepiness and greater substance use in students with eveningness preferences. However, a more depressed mood in the evening-oriented students is primarily a consequence of their poor sleep quality.
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DOI: 10.1111/jsr.12467
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Google Scholar: Morningness-eveningness and daytime functioning in university students: the mediating role of sleep characteristics
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