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Autori: Vrdoljak, Gabrijela; Velki, Tena
Naslov: Personality traits, goal orientations and learning strategies
Izvornik: International conference MINDfulness 2016 »Be Mindful, Teach Mindfully, Teach Mindfulness« / Orel, Mojca (ur.). - Ljubljana : Eduvision , 2016. 53-66.
Skup: MINDfulness: "Be Mindful, Teach Mindfully, Teach Mindfulness" An International Conference on Mindfulness Practice in the School Setting
Mjesto i datum: Ljubljana, Slovenija, 20-22.10.2016.
Ključne riječi: personality traits; metacognitive control; deep processing; surface processing; physics; grammar school students
Learning strategies are defined as every behaviour or opinion that facilitates information coding in a way that increases their integration and finding. The research have pointed that using learning strategies has positive effects on learning and academic achievement, but many students do not use them. This could be attributed either to the lack of knowledge about the learning strategies: which strategies exist, how and when to use them or to different motivational factors. Some research show that using different strategies can be anticipated based on the personality traits. In this research, we tested the relationship model between personality traits, learning strategies and physics grades. It has been shown that conscientiousness, agreeableness and openness significantly predict educational outcomes, while metacognitive control cycle and surface processing significantly predict physics grades. The obtained results in this research indicate the need to encourage specific learning strategies with students which will increase understanding the material and at the end which will result with better grades.
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