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Autori: Šverko, Branimir; Maslić-Seršić, Darja
Naslov: Job-Related Attitudes of Croatian Workers in the Period of Transition
Izvornik: Feelings Work in Europe / Spaltro, Enzo (ur.). - Verona : University of Verona - Institute of Psychology , 1997. 22-22.
Skup: Eight European Congress on Work and Organizational Psychology
Mjesto i datum: Verona, Italija, 2-5. 04. 1997.
Ključne riječi: job attitudes; transition; privatization
Every year since 1993 we have been surveying job-related attitudes of Croatian employees in order (1) to learn about their occupational goals and satisfactions in the period of transition and socio-economic crisis, and (2) to compare the responses of employees from private firms, state-owned firms, and government-financed institutions. The data have been collected through a self-report questionnaire yielding measures of the subjects' general job satisfaction and attitudes towards specific job aspects (which include job content, co-workers, management, pay, advancement possibilities, working conditions, participation in decision, and job security). The questionnaire has been applied individually under the guidance of trained interviewers. Over 1000 employees have been questioned thus far. The analysis of data covering the 1993-1994 period, which we presented at the Gyor Congress, revealed that pay was the job aspect of topmost importance in that period. High value was also placed upon good managers, agreable co-workers, and job security. However, the perceived availability of these job factors was severely low, indicating a profound deficiency in need satisfaction of the Croatian work force. This deficiency seemed to be less pronounced in the private sector: the respondents from the private firms perceived better job characteristics and expressed more job satisfaction than the respondents from state-owned firms. The purpose of the present paper is to extend the analysis over 1995-1996 period in order to check on the preliminary findings and examine whether any change tendecies are discernible.
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