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Autori: Russo, Andrea; Urlić, Ivan; Popović, Toni; Dvornik, Joško
Naslov: The Issues of Consciousness and Conscience in the High Tech Maritime World
Izvornik: Naše more (0469-6255) 60 (2013), 5/6; 97-101
Vrsta rada: prethodno priopćenje
Ključne riječi: new technologies ; sailors ; consciousness ; conscience ; maritime accidents ; lifelong learning
The rapid development of new technologies has led to significant changes in the work environment in general, as well as in seafaring, namely on board. Moreover, the daily life of the modern man is inextricably intertwined with technology. Its impact on personal and professional life leads to a series of changes that are reflected not only in the mode of business performance but also in the influence of private events during professional work. The significant and rapid progress of technology presents a challenge to our consciousness and conscience that has to be discussed over and over again, as both categories are exposed to the influence of personal experiences and environment. Originating from the interaction of one’s personality and his environment, our consciousness and conscience potentiate us to act in accordance with socially established rules and values. In addition, the lack of training after the official education, except by inertia with respect to the requirements of the work position, certainly increases the percentage of errors, ultimately leading to difficulties in performing vocation and even to disaster. The tragedy aboard Costa Concordia and other maritime accidents, involving passenger and cargo vessels with increasing harm to humans and the environment, point to the growing importance of the categories of human consciousness and conscience in performing the profession of seafarer’s profile.
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Tehnologija prometa i transport,Psihologija,Sigurnosne i obrambene znanosti
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Google Scholar: The Issues of Consciousness and Conscience in the High Tech Maritime World
Upisao u CROSBI: Andrea Russo (, 21. Stu. 2016. u 13:57 sati

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