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Autori: Arbanas, Krunoslav; Čubrilo, Mirko
Naslov: Ontology in Information Security
Izvornik: Journal of Information and Organizational Sciences (1846-3312) 39 (2015), 2; 107-136
Vrsta rada: članak
Ključne riječi: information ; security ; ontology ; security ontology ; knowledge formalization
The past several years we have witnessed that information has become the most precious asset, while protection and security of information is becoming an ever greater challenge due to the large amount of knowledge necessary for organizations to successfully withstand external threats and attacks. This knowledge collected from the domain of information security can be formally described by security ontologies. A large number of researchers during the last decade have dealt with this issue, and in this paper we have tried to identify, analyze and systematize the relevant papers published in scientific journals indexed in selected scientific databases, in period from 2004 to 2014. This paper gives a review of literature in the field of information security ontology and identifies a total of 52 papers systematized in three groups: general security ontologies (12 papers), specific security ontologies (32 papers) and theoretical works (8 papers). The papers were of different quality and level of detail and varied from presentations of simple conceptual ideas to sophisticated frameworks based on ontology.
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