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Autori: Frkanec, Leo; Jokić, Milan; Makarević, Janja; Šijaković Vujičić, Nataša; Portada, Tomislav
Naslov: Gamma rays induced polymerisation of the bis(aminoacid) fumaramide self-assemblies
( Gamma rays induced polymerisation of the bis(aminoacid) fumaramide self-assemblies )
Izvornik: 6th EuCheMS 2016, Congress Program / Hamilton, C. David ; Castaneda, Ernesto ; Edwards, Peter ; Negro, Carlos (ur.). - Madrid, Spain : ANQUE , 2016. 175-175.
Skup: 6th EuCheMS 2016, Chemistry Congress
Mjesto i datum: Seville, Španjolska, 11-15.09.2016
Ključne riječi: Supramolecular gels ; Self-organization ; Polymerisation
( Supramolecular gels ; Self-organization ; Polymerisation )
Recent study in a field of supramolecular gels resulted in the development of recognizable areas in materials chemistry with an emphasis on the self-organizing soft materials. They have a great opportunity specific applications in various fields, such as pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industry, organic nanoelectronics, cell and tissue engineering, plastic surgery and the like. Because of the great diversity gel networks are especially desirable as templates in the preparation of inorganic nanotubes or nano- porous polymeric material. Polymerization can improve the mechanical properties of supramolecular gels, or prepared the specific polymer materials like morphology that appears in gels network. In order to achieve "solid-state" reaction within the gel network is necessary to meet the special requirements of self-organization of organogelators. This especially refers to the distance of the atoms entering the reaction and position of the reacting functional groups. Our attention was focused on the synthesis and investigations of the properties of gelators. Particularly, we are interested in investigation of the possibility of polymerization of new fumaramide amino acid derivatives. The following derivatives were synthesized Leu, Val, Phe and Phg fumaramides (X = OH, OMe, NH2) and second (when X is a vinyl ester). Most of the surveyed fumaramides are good organogelators. Advanced self- organization is tested successful gelation their polymerization (covalent cross linking) induced by gamma radiation. We have shown that small changes in the structure of compound cause specific self-organization through non- covalent interactions, or it has been noted formation of polymers or absence of polymerization. Although, yield the product polymer derivative with a polymerizable group (eg. from ValOH fumaramide / H2O gel microspheres formed from PheOMe fumaramide / EtOH short polymer gel formed fibers), only at organogelators with two polymerized functional groups experienced a successful "solid-state" reactions without compromising the morphology of the gel network.
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Projekt / tema: HRZZ-IP-2013-11-7387
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