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Autori: Tadinac, Meri; Hromatko, Ivana; Kotrulja, Lena
Naslov: Hawks and Doves among us: An evolutionary medicine perspective
Izvornik: 37th STAR Conference Book of Abstracts / Lauri Korajlija, Anita ; Begić, Dražen ; Jurin, Tanja (ur.). - Zagreb : Medicinska naklada , 2016. 183-183 (ISBN: 978-953-176-757-6).
Skup: 37th STAR Conference
Mjesto i datum: Zagreb, Hrvatska, 06.-08.07.2016.
Ključne riječi: evolutionary medicine; trait anxiety; coping strategies; health outcomes
One of the issues addressed within the framework of Darwinian concept of stress is why some individuals develop the specific disease they do. It has been proposed that allostasis - an adaptive process which preserves stability through change – depends upon basic features of personality and stress responses related to it, i.e. that the allostatic load rises when mediators of allostasis (e.g. hormones and immunocytokines) are being inefficiently managed. These allostatic costs then determine health/illness outcomes. Ethologists have long known that within any given population there are organisms with the tendency towards higher (Hawks) or lower (Doves) aggressiveness. As physiological responses to stressful events are different in Hawks and Doves, it has been suggested that these strategies might be related to health outcomes. The aims of this preliminary study were to determine whether an analogue of Hawks and Doves as basic coping strategies can be defined among patients in different clinical settings and whether the proportion of Hawks and Doves differs among those groups. 205 patients from several clinical departments (dermatology, gastroenterology and psychiatry) participated in the study. Based on their coping style and trait anxiety, two groups of patients were formed: Hawks (low trait anxiety/problem- oriented coping style) vs. Doves (high trait anxiety/avoidant coping style). Irrespective of gender, majority of psychiatric patients were categorized as Doves, whereas the majority of patients with gastroenterological and dermatologic symptoms were categorized as Hawks. This is in accordance with the notion of different allostatic load management in Hawks and Doves, and the onset of a certain disease might be related to it. However, prospective longitudinal studies are necessary to reach definite conclusions regarding the susceptibility to certain diseases among people with different stress-related behavioral and emotional strategies.
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