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Pregled bibliografske jedinice broj: 854078

Poglavlje/Rad u knjizi

Autori: Kaliterna Lipovčan, Ljiljana; Brajša-Žganec, Andreja; Dević, Ivan
Naslov: Croatian expert’s opinion about measuring well-being of children and young people – results of the Delphi survey
Knjiga: 20th Psychology Days in Zadar - Book of selected Proceedings
Urednik/ci: Burić, Irena
Izdavač: University of Zadar - Department of Psychology
Grad: Zadar
Godina: 2017
Raspon stranica:: 69-81
ISBN: 978-953-331-175-3
Ključne riječi: Well-being ; Delphi method ; Longitudinal study ; Children and youth ; Measuring Well-being
The aim of this study was to examine the opinion of Croatian experts about the feasibility and desirability of conducting a longitudinal study of well-being of children and young people (CYP) using the Delphi method. Participants were 30 Croatian experts who in different ways professionally deal with CYP. They completed three different questionnaires in two rounds from October 2014 to February 2015. The first questionnaire includes questions that may be of relevance for conducting a longitudinal study of well-being with CYP. The second and third questionnaires are focused on evaluation of options and the assessment of criteria against which options were assessed. Delphi procedure has been shown to be valuable for achieving a consensus among experts. Results of Delphi study clearly showed that Croatian experts associated well-being with mental and physical health, financial security and employment, social/personal network and family, material conditions and happiness. Majority of experts thought that a longitudinal study should focus on the entire life-course of a young person, from birth to the age of 25. Half of them would prefer the use of both subjective and objective measures of well-being. They prefered an accelerated cohort design with an interval of 3 years between waves and a total length of the study between 10 and 15 years. The large majority of experts indicated that a longitudinal well-being study with CYP is desirable, technically feasible and financially sustainable.
Projekt / tema: IP-2014-09-4398
Izvorni jezik: ENG
Kategorija: Znanstveni
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