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Autori: Penezić, Zvjezdan
Naslov: Families and Parenthood in Late Adulthood: Multigenerational Encounters
Knjiga: Parenthood and parenting in Croatia: a developmental and socio-cultural perspective
Urednik/ci: Lacković-Grgin, Katica ; Penezić, Zvjezdan
Izdavač: Nova Science Publishers, Inc.
Grad: New York
Godina: 2015
Serija: Family issues in the 21st century
Raspon stranica:: 275-306
Ukupni broj stranica u knjizi:: 317
ISBN: 978-1-63482-836-9
Ključne riječi: family, parenthood, grandparenthood, retirement, Croatian studies
This chapter deals with the topic of family relations among older people. The first part of the chapter relates to the various family relationships which are formed among family members. These relationships seem to be very important for the functioning of parents‟ and children‟s families. The second part will relate to changes in the lives of parents caused by transitions such as retirement or the onset of the empty nest stage. These transitions have a great impact on the lives of both, parents and children. In most western, industrialized nations, retirement is considered an earned right for people who have worked hard and now are allowed to stop working without being stigmatized as lazy or unproductive. But retirement in Croatia is in some elements quite different, and those differences will be explained in relation to the results of Croatian studies. The third part of the chapter will relate to the different roles that people have in their later life. While the popular stereotype says that families are disintegrating and becoming estranged, research shows that family is still vitally important to most older people, and that maintaining family ties is a priority for most. Many older people in contemporary society are continuing to play vital roles in their families, and some of them take on important additional roles – as grandparents. Grandparents today have more responsibilities for their grandchildren than ever before. Various factors relate to the relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren, and the specific distribution of grandmothers‟ and grandfathers‟ roles make this area of research complicated and interesting at the same time. The results of Croatian research will be presented. Several recommendations for research on older people and members of their families will be given at the end of the chapter.
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