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Authors: Chałas, Renata; Rudzka, O; Wójcik-Chęcińska, I; Vodanović, Marin
Title: The impact of type 1 diabetes on the development of the craniofacial mineralised tissues (bones and teeth): literature review
Source: FOLIA MORPHOLOGICA (0015-5659) 75 (2016), 3; 275-280
Paper type: pregledni rad
Keywords: type 1 diabetes ; craniofacial tissues
Background: There are many reports on the impact of diabetes on periodontium as well as the state of organs in diabetics ; however, there is little research on the impact of the disease on morphological and anatomical changes in the mineralised tissues like teeth and craniofacial bones. The aim of this study was to present a review of literature on morphological and anatomical changes of mineralised tissues in the course of type 1 diabetes. Materials and methods: A review of PubMed database was made using the keywords: morphological changes, anatomical changes, enamel hypoplasia, type 1 diabetes, induced diabetes and the names of individual anatomical and morphological structures of the teeth. Results: The analysis of experimental studies have shown that in induced type 1 diabetes in rats there is a substantial reduction in the thickness of the enamel and dentin, compared with the control group. The changes in the content of individual minerals in the tissues of the tooth have been shown — a decrease in the concentration of calcium and fluoride ions and an increase in the concentration of magnesium. In a study conducted on embryos of rats born of diabetic dams, defects were observed in enamel organ, which can cause delayed enamel hypoplasia. Literature analysis revealed morphological disorders also in some clinical cases of patients with type 1 diabetes. Conclusions: Type 1 diabetes mellitus as a metabolic disorder may affect changes in the structure of mineralised tissues, thereby increasing their susceptibility to caries development and orthognathic disorders.
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Dental medicine
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DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2016.0001
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