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Autori: Orehovački, Tihomir; Plantak Vukovac, Dijana; Stapić, Zlatko; Novosel-Herceg, Tatjana
Naslov: Features and Quality of a Mobile Application Employed in a Speech-Language Therapy
Izvornik: Lecture Notes in Computer Science (0302-9743) 10272 (2017); 250-262
Vrsta rada: članak
Ključne riječi: mLogoped, uMARS, Speech-Language Therapy, Mobile Application, Quality Evaluation, Empirical Study
This paper introduces mLogoped, a mobile application for delivering remote speech- language pathology (SLP) therapies. With an aim to examine quality of a mLogoped application, an empirical study was carried out. Participants in the study were parents of children diagnosed with SLP disorders. Data was collected with pre- and post-use questionnaire. Items in pre-use questionnaire were related to the participants’ computer literacy, their experience in using mobile devices and applications, and their preferences with respect to attending online SLP therapies. After spending a week using the application, the study participants examined its quality by means of user version of Mobile App Rating Scale (uMARS) post-use questionnaire adapted to SLP domain. An analysis of collected data revealed to what extent mLogoped has met one subjective (perceived quality) and four objective (engagement, functionality, aesthetics, and information quality) facets of mo-bile quality.
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DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-58077-7_20
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Google Scholar: Features and Quality of a Mobile Application Employed in a Speech-Language Therapy
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