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Autori: Ladić, Zoran; Kunčić, Meri
Naslov: Few Examples of Marian Devotion in the East Adriatic Urban Settlements in the Late Medieval and Early Modern Period
Knjiga: Le Vie della Misericordia - The Ways of Mercy
Urednik/ci: Calò Mariani, Maria Stella ; Trono, Anna
Izdavač: Congedo Publishing
Grad: Lecce, Italija
Godina: 2017
Raspon stranica:: 379-404
Ukupni broj stranica u knjizi:: 704
ISBN: 9788867661664
Ključne riječi: The Middle Ages, The Early Modern Period, East Adriatic Coast, Rijeka, Split, Marian Devotion
In this article the authors examined only few most important shrines related to Marian devotion on the East Adriatic which roots are in the Middle Ages. Namely, medieval statute laws of almost all Istrian and Dalmatian cities and communes contain various decisions related to the celebration of most important Marian feasts during the liturgical year. Moreover, there was no urban settlement all over East Adriatic coast in which one or more chapels, churches or monasteries did not hold titular of Virgin Mary or did not possess some relics related to the person or life of the Mother of God. For example, in his chronicle related to the pilgrimage to Jerusalem recorded by Ragusan chronicle Junius Restić and dated back in 843 mentioned when certain priest John (“nominato Giovanni”) “Arbanese” i. e. Albanian returned from pilgrimage in Jerusalem and Egypt on “una galera Veneziana”. According to Restić, priest John brought to Dubrovnik certain relic in “una cassettina piccola e ben serrata”. That small chest was kept in the cathedral church of St. Blaise and from 1040 in the palace of archbishop of Dubrovnik. Then the chest was opened and, as reported by Restić, it kept “il Pannicello, nel quale fu involto dalla B. Vergine Christo, Nostro Signore, bambino, con tutte le autentiche necessarie”. That relic was later “riposto nel tesoro pubblico, dove le altre reliquie si conservavano”. Finally, already from the end of the thirteenth century the most important Marian pilgrim shrines on the Apennine peninsula such as Loreto and Recanati were frequently visited by East Adriatic pilgrims. For above mentioned reasons it may be stated that Marian devotion in East Adriatic cities, communes, and villages in the late medieval and Renaissance period was crucial part of piety of their inhabitants.
Projekt / tema: HRZZ-IP-2014-09-6547, 075-0000000-3373
Izvorni jezik: ENG
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Upisao u CROSBI: Zoran Ladić (, 9. Tra. 2017. u 13:05 sati

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