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Autori: Prskalo, Ivan; Badrić, Marko; Filipec, Ivana
Naslov: Training teachers for work in the physical and health educational field and the challenges of the future
Izvornik: 10th International Balkan Congress on Education and Science „EDUCATION AND GLOBALIZATION“ / Timovski, Vlado (ur.). - Skopje : Faculty of pedagogy St. "Kliment Ohridski" , 2016. 223-230 (ISBN: 978-9989-823-64-0).
Skup: 10th International Balkan Congress on Education and Science "Education and globalization"
Mjesto i datum: Skopje, Makedonija, 17-19.9.2015.
Ključne riječi: The teacher ; physical education ; health ; curriculum
The teacher is the first person that student encounters in an organized educational system, if we acknowledge the fact that not all children are included in the system of preschool education. Physical education which is for the first time formally organized and carried out in primary education monitors students throughout the education system primary and has the accountability for the realization of the aims of physical education. Therefore the preparation of teachers has countless importance, since the activities of teachers influence lifestyle choice of the students, and thus go beyond primary education. The quantity and quantity of the content of the curriculum of the teacher education programs need to ensure the necessary professional, methodical, educational, psychological and didactic education and scientific competence as a guarantee of further development and improvement of the entire system. Stated is nowadays in the Republic of Croatia realized through program of the courses: Kinesiological Culture, Kinesiology and Kinesiological methodology and a number of elective courses aimed at upgrading the preparation of future Master of Primary Education to work in the physical and health educational field. Furthermore, the challenges that the future holds for the entire civilization has to offer the best answer, Because only that answer is good enough for only true future of every civilization, society and the people - the child. Decreased movement arises towards the educational systems alarming, rapid but thoughtful response, because the negative effects of modern life leave irreparable traces. Teaching profession as one of the professions that are necessary socially commanded and the teaching profession as the calling needs to be and remain a caring hand of the society and guarantee of its universal values out of which in the first place we should, with the right and reason, emphasize health.
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