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Autori: Klarić, Marica; Manojlović, Narcisa; Manojlović, Siniša
Naslov: Implementation of Strategy for Entrepreneurial Learning 2010-2014 - a research conducted in Croatian primary schools
Izvornik: Obrazovanje za poduzetništvo - E4E : znanstveno-stručni časopis o obrazovanju za poduzetništvo (1849-7845) 4 (2014), 1; 7-25
Vrsta rada: članak
Ključne riječi: learning for entrepreneurship ; curriculum ; students’ entrepreneurial competences ; National Strategy for Entrepreneurial Learning 2010-2014
After the National Strategy for Entrepreneurial Learning 2010-2014 (2010) has outlined the introduction of learning and training for entrepreneurship in all forms, types and levels of formal and informal education, in the National Curriculum Framework for Preschool Education and the General Compulsory and Secondary Education (2010) among students’ basic competence the development of entrepreneurial competences has been included, since entrepreneurship in Croatia has been finally recognized as a means and prerequisite condition for the economical development and growth. A very demanding task of adopting the basic entrepreneurial knowledge and the development of entrepreneurial characteristics of students has been provided by the National Curriculum Framework as an interdisciplinary content, i.e. curricular theme covered through different school subjects, whose detailed design and development is left to school professionals and school curricula. Some Croatian researches on whether and how practical teaching of entrepreneurship is implemented in Croatian primary and secondary schools suggest considerable discrepancy between expectations (needs) and realization (knowledge, skills and attitudes) in practice. Analyses of Croatian educational programs (curricula). indicate such results, as well as the results of the survey tests on students’ and teachers’ awareness and attitudes. This paper presents the results of the application of specifically designed questionnaire which we used at the end of 2013/2014 school year, since the end of the five-year period is pretty close, to investigate whether and to what extent have certain goals, tasks and activities been achieved, in the opinion of school managements, pursuant to the Strategy for Entrepreneurial Learning 2010-2014, i.e. measures, objectives and activities of the corresponding Action Plan for the period from 2010 to 2014, in part which refers to the system of primary education. We have discovered low to very low levels of realization for a number of elements planned by the Strategy and the Action Plan, as well as the achieved results among students, which in future will require significant changes and larger and more organized efforts in this educational area that is of particular individual, social and economic importance. Apart from scientific purposes, the empirical results of this study can serve as practical guidelines in the field of entrepreneurial learning.
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Google Scholar: Implementation of Strategy for Entrepreneurial Learning 2010-2014 - a research conducted in Croatian primary schools
Upisao u CROSBI: Narcisa Manojlović (, 14. Svi. 2017. u 07:25 sati

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