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Autori: Barić, Renata; Greblo, Zrinka; Cajner Mraović, Irena
Naslov: Emotional and behavioral problems in adolescent athletes and non-athletes
Izvornik: Youth Sport: Abstract book of the 7th Conference for youth sport / Doupona Topič, M. ; Kajtna, T. (ur.). - Ljubljana : University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Sport , 2014. 45 (ISBN: 978-961-6843-55-3).
Skup: 7th Conference for Youth Sport
Mjesto i datum: Ljubljana, Slovenija, 12.-13.10.2014.
Ključne riječi: adolescent, athletes, emotional problems, behavioral problems
Psychological problems which are often subject to maturation process are especially prominent in adolescent age. They can significantly undermine adjustment of younng person to demans of different lofe roles. Some of those changes are normatively related to age and gender, but environmental agents also play a significant part acting as facilitators of problems or as protective factors. Scientific research confirm the positive relationship between physical activity and numerous physical and psychological benefits, but there is still a lack of evidence about positive contribution of playing sports to mental health of adolescent, that is the theme of this paper. We administered the Croatian version of YSR on the sample of 584 adolescents from Zagreb and investigated the manifestation of emotional and behavioural problems. Significantly higher prevalence of somatic complains, internalizing problems and attention problems and more withdrawn signs are identified in adolecsent non-athletes. We examined gender differences- girls report about significantly higher frequency of anxiety/depression symptoms, somatic complaints and attention problems that leads to higher level of internalizing problems in comparison to boys who significantly more incline to rule breaking and deliquent behaviour. We found that phisically inactive boys show more withdrawn behavior than athletes, and inactive girls report about significantly more attention problems than girls who are playing sports. With regard to average number of hours of physical activity per week we found higher rate of anxiety and depression symptoms, somatic complaints and internalizing problems in adolescent boys, and frequency of symptoms decline with increment of physical activity. The only difference that was found in girls is related to attention problems, which is typical for phisically inactive girls.We also investigated differences in emotional and behavioural problems with regard to sport type and competition level. Female athletes that play sport for recreatio only, report more about thought and internalizing problems in comparison to individual and team sports female athletes that do not differ significantly. Tea sports female athletes have more social problems than recreational and individual sport female athletes that have the least social problems. Recreational athletes have significantly less social problems in comparison to girls who compete, especially those who are national selection members. In general, adolescents in this sample report more about emotional tha behavioural problems and physical activity and sport can play a protective role in its prevention, especially i girls who are expected to have these problems more often. Exercising and sport are some of the environmental factors that could influence a psychological well-being in sensitive period of adolescence. For better understanding of these relationship and implication in everyday practice, further investigations are recommended.
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