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Autori: Braović, Maja; Stipaničev, Darko; Krstinić, Damir
Naslov: Cogent Confabulation based Expert System for Segmentation and Classification of Natural Landscape Images
Izvornik: Advances in Electrical and Computer Engineering (1582-7445) 17 (2017), 2; 85-94
Vrsta rada: članak
Ključne riječi: Cogent confabulation, color spaces, image segmentation, image classi cation, expert systems, information fusion, natural landscape images
Ever since there has been an increase in the number of automatic wildfire monitoring and surveillance systems in the last few years, natural landscape images have been of great importance. In this paper we propose an expert system for fast segmentation and classification of regions on natural landscape images that is suitable for real-time applications. We focus primarily on Mediterranean landscape images since the Mediterranean area and areas with similar climate are the ones most associated with high wildfire risk. The proposed expert system is based on cogent confabulation theory and knowledge bases that contain information about local and global features, optimal color spaces suitable for classification of certain regions, and context of each class. The obtained results indicate that the proposed expert system significantly outperforms well-known classifiers that it was compared against in both accuracy and speed, and that it is effective and efficient for real-time applications. Additionally, we present a FESB MLID dataset on which we conducted our research and that we made publicly available.
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DOI: 10.4316/AECE.2017.02012
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Google Scholar: Cogent Confabulation based Expert System for Segmentation and Classification of Natural Landscape Images
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