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Autori: Sangster, Claire
Naslov: The self-regulation of motor performance and learning in children with movement difficulties: A pilot of measurement methods
Izvornik: The Psychology of Education Review (0262-4088) 30 (2006), 1; 10-23
Vrsta rada: članak
Ključne riječi: self-regulation ; developmental coordination disorder ; measurement methods
Children with movement difficulties, or developmental coordination disorder (DCD), frequently experience difficulty coping with the demands of daily life due to their struggles in peforming motor tasks. Recently, a cognitive learning paradigm has been applied to studying the nature of the problems experienced by children with movement dificulties, which assumes that children with DCD have fewer cognitive strategies and metacognitive skills with which to learn motor tasks and solve motor performance problems. The current research aims to explore these assumptions further using models of self-regulated learning (SRL) to examine the nature of chidlren's cognitive and metacognitive skills in the context of motor performance. Before doing so, an examination of the methods used for measuring SRL, as it occurs in motor performance, needed to be carried out. Thus, the present pilot study aimed to explore and compare a number of measurement methods currently available for studying SRL within the context of motor performance. Twelve primary school children participated in the study, six of whom were participating in a remdial programme for children with motor difficulties. All children participated in a number of tasks designed to facilitate self-regulated motor acquisition. This paper will focus on a comparison between interview and observational methods for examining self-regulatory skills. These methods revealed both quantitatively and qualitatively different evidence for describing and explaining SRL during motor performance, indicating a need for a multiple-method approach in order to fully explore this topic. Ongoing multiple-method research will further develop our understanding about the nature of self-regulation during motor skill acquisition and the impact of the process on the difficulties experienced by children with DCD.
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Google Scholar: The self-regulation of motor performance and learning in children with movement difficulties: A pilot of measurement methods
Upisao u CROSBI: Claire Alexandra Sangster Jokić (, 31. Kol. 2017. u 11:28 sati

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