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Autori: Sindik, Joško; Klarin, Mira; Kardum, Goran; Antičević, Vesna; Đogaš, Varja
Naslov: The contribution of personality traits and emotional intelligence to the academic achievement and satisfaction of students of Health Studies
Izvornik: AMEE 2016 Abstract Book
Skup: An International Association for Medical Education (AMEE 2016)
Mjesto i datum: Barcelona, Španjolska, 27-31.08.2016.
Ključne riječi: social skills ; training ; health studies
Background: Personalized medicine require satisfying patients’ psychological and health needs, growing the demands on health professionals. Consequently, social skills appear as important factor during health professionals’ education and practical work. Within processes of improving health education and health care, selection and education of the students of health studies are particularly essential. Summary of Work: Goal of this study was to determine the contribution of personality antecedents that reflect social skills of the students of health studies, to predict their achievement in health studies. Survey was conducted within project financed by European Social Fund entitled "Development of occupational standards/qualifications with improving health study programs" HR3.1.15-0051. Summary of Results: Research is conducted in two phases: November 2015 (initial phase) and July 2016 (final evaluation). Variables used in the study were as following: Big Five Questionnaire (Caprara, Barbaranelli & Borgogni, 2005) ; Emotional Competence Questionnaire (Takšić, 2002) ; academic achievement (mean, weighted mean) and Study Satisfaction Scale (constructed purposefully for this study). Discussion: Positive relationship between desirable personality traits and emotional intelligence with academic achievement and satisfaction with the study), could be expected. However, the nature of relationships between these characteristics could help to determine the most important psychological features, related with academic achievement and the satisfaction with the health study. Conclusion: The insights from this study could provide an information about using these findings as the guidelines for using relevant psychological characteristics in selection and education of professionals, as well as for certain aspect of practical work of health professionals.
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