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Autori: Barić, Renata
Naslov: Process or outcome: How to find a balance? Psychological preparation of the Rio Olympics water polo silver medalists
Izvornik: Sport Psychology: Linking theory to practice / Gangyan, S., Cruz, J., i Jaenes, J.C (ur.). - Sevilla :
Skup: ISSP 14th World Congress in Sport Psychology
Mjesto i datum: Sevilla, Španjolska, 10.-14.7.2017.
Ključne riječi: psychological preparation, olmypic games, team building, individual consultancy, arousal regulation, waterpolo
Elite athletes dedicate several years preparing themselves for highest-level competition as Olympic Games, where nuances are crucial and everybody are trying to neutralise all factors that could, besides training, influence the final results. Psychological preparation helps elite athletes to optimize their performance. The aim is to present sport psychology interventions provided to Croatian national water polo team, former Olympic champions, during 3-months, before the Rio Games. Psychological preparation process was organised in eight 3 to 5 days cycles during preparation period, firstly with wider selection, and progressively with less players. Initially, detailed evaluation of team and each player was conducted. According to the results obtained psychological preparation process was organised on three levels with an important framework – to keep their focus on process instead on desired results only that was not an easy task due to previous Olympic results they wanted to confirm again. The first level included team-building program following 4 CO model: commitment, cooperation, cohesiveness, concentration. Second level included individual work with athletes, primarily oriented toward arousal regulation techniques by learning relaxation, breathing exercises and biofeedback, but also to individual issues. On third level sport psychologist worked intensively with a coach and whole expert team within individual consultations, workshops and daily meetings. Some psychological techniques were practiced on the pool, during or after training (concentration and relaxation exercise), implemented into conditioning or regular training sessions. Permanent team-work on training and competition goals and disciplined use of certain key words by all participant helped to keep the focus on process. Good collaboration with the coach and his will to change himself according to initial evaluation, and significant increment of group cohesion forcefully helped the process.
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Upisao u CROSBI: Rebeka Prosoli (, 3. Lis. 2017. u 12:28 sati

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