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Autori: Kaštelan Mrak, Marija; Sokolić, Danijela; Bodiroga Vukobrat, Nada
Naslov: Understanding incentives' arrangements through the lens of contemporary personalized medicine
Skup: 12th International Conference: Challenges of Europe
Mjesto i datum: Split, Hrvatska, 17-19.05.2017.
Ključne riječi: personalized medicine, business model
Medical science and practice have undergone radical development during the past decades. In the words of insiders, there have been “major investments in the basic science” alongside with pronounced interest of major policy and opinion makers. As a result, an intricate infrastructure of relationships among various interested parties, institutions and businesses is currently evolving. The paper intends to address issues relating to business model development. Our intention is to identify variations that may occur in relationship patterns depending on the manifestation of different factors that, in our belief, lead to alternative scenarios of business arrangements, thus forming alternative business models. We propose to do so by defining a concept of value that will fit the idea of incentives relating to value distribution between contracting parties. By using the paradigm of incomplete contracts theory, proposed prediction would be depending on: available resources ; power relations ; regulation. Different combinations of factors are seen as producing different scenarios, among which, ones are expected to be more supportive for further development of the personalized medicine field compared to others. A classification of factors’ manifestation will be provided in a descriptive manner (as high or low presence of a factor on a continuous line between theoretically established extremes).
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Projekt / tema: IP-2013-11-5709
Izvorni jezik: ENG
Kategorija: Ostalo
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Upisao u CROSBI: Danijela Sokolić (, 9. Stu. 2017. u 14:02 sati

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