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Autori: Blaće, Dubravko; Plantić Tadić, Diana; Vrhovski, Ivana
Naslov: Internal marketing as a motivation tool of employees in Croatian companies
Izvornik: Scientific book of proceedings from the 5th International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development and 2nd Eastern European ESD-Conference on Social Responsibility / Primorac, Dinko ; Jovancai, Ana (ur.). - Varaždin : Vadea d.o.o. , 2014. 378-389 (ISBN: 978-953-6125-08-1).
Skup: 5th International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development and 2nd Eastern European ESD-Conference on Social Responsibility
Mjesto i datum: Beograd, Republika Srbija, 10-11.04.2014.
Ključne riječi: internal marketing ; motivational tool ; Croatian companies
The research on internal marketing as a motivational tool in Croatian companies is based on the assumption that the internal market in Croatia is often underestimated and that the tools which the internal market would achieve added value for the company with are not used. By putting focus on the employees, companies would have more motivated, satisfied and educated staff, dedicated to achieving company’s business objectives, as well as promoting the product portfolio and maintaining a stimulating working atmosphere. The goal of this paper is to provide proofs that investing in the motivation of employees is one of the most important factors in successful business development, bringing in and retaining customers and increasing competitive advantage. The discipline of internal marketing is relatively new and has not yet been scientifically thoroughly investigated. The paper hence provides a detailed theoretical analysis of internal marketing from available internet databases. In addition, a concept of motivating employees is also presented. A research has been undertaken by means of in- depth interviewing on the usage and familiarity with the term internal marketing in Croatia. Eminent Croatian marketing experts with years of experience in working for medium and larger companies were interviewed in the undertaken study. The results indicate to what extent marketing experts are familiar with the concept of internal marketing . It is assumed that the results will demonstrate that, in most cases, the upper management has not yet recognised the concept as an important factor of success on the market. There are a lot of possibilities for the development of internal marketing in Croatia, taking into consideration that it does not require investments as large as those related to external marketing. Furthermore, the corresponding expenses are not affected by changes in the market, and the results can be significantly bigger. It is proposed that good relations with the upper management for the development of internal marketing are established and, values which encourage activities of internal marketing are promoted. A thorough research of internal marketing is also advocated as well as detailed planning aimed at implementing and evaluating internal marketing concept in the company.
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