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Autori: Nekić, Marina; Vidaković, Marina; Barbiš, Martina
Naslov: Differences in sexual behaviour and sexual satisfaction among female and male undergraduate students
Izvornik: Book of Selected Proceedings of 20th Psychology Days in Zadar (2017-352x) (2017)
Status rada: prihvaćen
Ključne riječi: emerging adults, sexual behaviour, sexual satisfaction, contraception, condom use
One of the aspects of reproductive health implies a satisfying and safe sex life. The period of adolescence and emerging adulthood is a time of exploring and experimenting, therefore, not surprising that it is often assumed these age groups are more prone to risky sexual behaviours. Sexuality is an important aspect of every person’s identity, and young people explore their sexuality as a natural process in achieving sexual maturity and sexual satisfaction. The aim of this study was to determine sexual behaviour, attitudes toward condom use, and sexual satisfaction among students. The study was conducted on 360 students (63% of females and 37% of males). Sexual satisfaction was assessed with the New Sexual Satisfaction Scale – short version (NSSS-S), attitudes about condom use was measured with Index acceptance of condom use, while other relevant constructs of sexual behaviour were assessed with one question. As expected, in comparison with male participants, female students have more positive attitudes toward condom use, but, they masturbate less, have fewer sex partners and less often achieve orgasm during sex. The results show that main reason for sexual initiation was infatuation/love for female students, while curiosity and sexual arousal were for male participants. Furthermore, there is a significant difference between genders in their satisfaction with their first intercourse, and in sexual satisfaction– male students are more sexually satisfied. For female and male students, more frequent usage of contraceptives is reflected on the higher level of acceptance of condom usage and sexual satisfaction. And finally, the unavoidable information is that a higher frequency of orgasms leads to a higher sexual satisfaction.
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Upisao u CROSBI: Marina Vidaković (, 8. Pro. 2017. u 11:44 sati

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