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Autori: Brkljačić, Tihana; Pandžić, Mario; Glavaš, Dragan
Naslov: Sound of Silence : Comparison of ICT and speech deprivation among students
Izvornik: Iliria (2192-7081) 7 (2017), 2; 9-30
Vrsta rada: članak
Ključne riječi: ICT ; communication deprivation ; face-to-face communication ; Internet addiction ; field experiment ; diary record ; content analysis
The aim of the study was twofold: to describe self-reported habits of ICT use in every-day life and to analyze feelings and behavior triggered by ICT and speech deprivation. The study was conducted on three randomly selected groups of students with different tasks: Without Speaking (W/S) group (n=10) spent a day without talking to anyone ; Without Technology (W/T) group (n=13) spent a day without using any kind of ICT, while the third group was a control group (n=10) and had no restrictions. The participants’ task in all groups was to write a diary detailing their feelings, thoughts and behaviors related to their group’s conditions. Before the experiment, students reported their ICT related habits. Right after groups were assigned, they reported their task-related impressions. During the experiment, participants wrote diary records at three time- points. All participants used ICT on a daily basis, and most were online all the time. Dominant ICT activities were communication with friends and family, studying, followed by listening to music and watching films. Speech deprivation was a more difficult task compared to ICT deprivation, resulting in more drop-outs and more negative emotions. However, participants in W/S expected the task to be difficult, and some of them actually reported positive experiences, but for others it was a very difficult, lonesome and terrifying experience. About half of the students in W/T claimed that the task was more difficult than they had expected, and some of them realized that they are dysfunctional without technology, and probably addicted to it.
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DOI: 10.21113/iir.v7i2.322
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Google Scholar: Sound of Silence : Comparison of ICT and speech deprivation among students
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