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Autori: Ljubin, Čedomir; Knešaurek, Karin; Ljubin, Tajana
Naslov: Mathematical and graphic model of the audiomotor reflex of the musculus orbicularis oculi and the law of energy
Izvornik: Electromyography and clinical neurophysiology (0301-150X) 26 (1986), 4; 229-240
Vrsta rada: članak
Ključne riječi: audiomotor reflex, reflex, m. orbicularis oculi
The audiomotor reflex (AMR) is defined as a brief motor reaction occurring in skeletal muscles that can be electromyographically registered. It can be best observed in the eyelid and facial muscles after a brief and strong sound stimulus. The electromyographic parameters of the reflex response provoked depend on the following parameters of the stimulating sound: sound pressure level (dB), duration of tone (ms) and frequency of the pure sinusoidal tone (kHz). This work deals with investigations carried out on the m. orbicularis oculi with response provoked by sound stimuli given simultaneously to both cochleas. In other words, this muscle best shows the interdependence of sound stimulation and EMG responses, especially on the amplitude of the m. orbicularis oculi, expressed in μV. In this muscle in healthy subjects functional interdependence was found between the reflex response amplitude and the intensity and duration of sound stimuli. This rule holds true for sound stimuli lasting from 1 to 100 ms at a frequency of 1 kHz, provided that after the reflex threshold has been reached, further increases in sound stimuli do not exceed 110 dB. This ratio is presented in the form of an exponential curve and schematically by an isocele triangle which links the functions of the reflex amplitude, the strength of stimuli and the duration of the pure sinusoidal tone. In other words, a mathematical and a graphic model of the AMR of the m. orbicularis oculi were devised and tested on a group of healthy subjects. At the same time law of energy was established for the points on equidistant lines, or the „courves of the constant amplitude of reflex response“.
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Google Scholar: Mathematical and graphic model of the audiomotor reflex of the musculus orbicularis oculi and the law of energy
Upisao u CROSBI: Tajana Ljubin Golub (, 13. Sij. 2018. u 09:18 sati

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