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Autori: Buško, Vesna; Mujagić, Amela; Babić Čikeš, Ana
Naslov: Performance based measures and other reports of emotional intelligence: Validation study in early adolescents
Izvornik: 14th European Conference on Psychological Assessment: Book of Abstracts / Ferreira, Paula, Ferreira, Aristides, Afonso, Ines, Veiga Simao, Ana Margarida (ur.). - Lisbon : Faculty of Psychology of the University of Lisbon , 2017. 67-67 (ISBN: 978-972-95069-3-2).
Skup: 14th European Conference on Psychological Assessment
Mjesto i datum: Lisabon, Portugal, 05-08.07.2017
Ključne riječi: emotional intelligence ; Validation ; performance-based measures ; other-reports ; early adolescents
The paper presents a part of the data on empirical validation data derived from multiple sources on of the three ability-based measures of emotional intelligence (EI) intended for early adolescents. The data derive originate from the longitudinal study of EI development conducted on the sample of 517 primary school students aged 10 to 15 years. Performance based EI measures administered in the study included: Perception of affective content in art test (TAES ; Takšić et al., 2004), adapted version of the Emotional analysis test (TAE: Kulenović, 2003) and the Emotion management test (TUE, Babić & Buško, 2013). Along with the objective measures of EI abilities, peer ratings and teacher ratings of the emotion-related reasoning abilities pertaining to the same branches of the Mayer and Salovey’s (1997) model, that is, perception, understanding, and management of emotions, were also collected. In addition, self-report personality and general cognitive ability tests were administered.d. The EI data from all three sources were analysed within the SEM methodology was used to examine the relationships of EI with cognitive ability and personality measures, including separate and joint analyses of latent structures of EI abilities measured by performance-based and other-rating measures. Confirmatory factor analyses performed under multitrait-multimethod framework did not prove theoretically expected structure of relationships among latent EI measures showing a weak structure of loading parameters, which appeared to be largely due to strong method effects on observed variability in EI measures. However, joint analyses of latent EI dimensions based on test- and rating- multiple indicator data produced reasonable and well-fitting solution. Results point to low discriminant validity of EI other-report measures, which particularly applies to teacher ratings. Furthermore, a moderate level of convergence was found between latent dimensions of the same EI abilities specified by the data from different sources. Substantial relationships were found between specific EI latent dimensions and selected general intelligence and personality variables, adding to the validity evidences of the performance-based EI instruments implemented. The findings are interesting as from the measurement and methodological standpoint so from the theoretical and interpretational view.
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Projekt / tema: 130-1301683-1402
Izvorni jezik: ENG
Kategorija: Znanstveni
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Upisao u CROSBI: Vesna Buško (, 16. Sij. 2018. u 18:41 sati

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