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Autori: Tomas, Helena
Naslov: Linear B script and Linear B administrative system - different patterns in their development
( Linear B script and Linear B administrative system - different patterns in their development )
Knjiga: Understanding Relations between Scripts. The Aegean Writing Systems
Urednik/ci: Steele, Philippa
Izdavač: Oxbow
Grad: Oxford, Philadelphia
Godina: 2017
Raspon stranica:: 57-68
ISBN: 978-1-78570-644-8
Ključne riječi: Linear B, script, administrative system, origin
( Linear B, script, administrative system, origin )
It is well known that Linear B was chronologically preceded by Linear A and that both were mainly used for administrative purposes. Although the two scripts are obviously related, the exact nature of their relationship remains unclear. Numerous similarities indicate that Linear B was adapted from Linear A for the purpose of recording a new language. In discussing the origin of Linear B, however, we must distinguish between two different issues: the origin of the script itself and the origin of the administrative system within which it was used. Whereas there is a consensus that Linear A was the parent- script to Linear B, I argue that there is a separate question as to whether Mycenaean administrative practice had more than one source. Given the chronological gap between Cretan Hieroglyphic script and Linear B, it is surprising that the two demonstrate similar types of administrative documents—especially those that are entirely absent in Linear A. Some pinacological and epigraphical features further indicate a link between the Hieroglyphic and Linear B administrative systems. Though I do not argue that Linear B— as a script—originated from Cretan Hieroglyphic, I do contend that latter’s influence on the former’s administrative practice is likely.
Izvorni jezik: eng
Kategorija: Znanstveni
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Upisao u CROSBI: Helena Tomas (, 20. Sij. 2018. u 15:24 sati

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