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Autor: Lelas, Marko
Naslov: 3D reconstruction system on smartphone
( 3D reconstruction system on smartphone )
Vrsta: doktorska disertacija
Fakultet: Fakultet elektrotehnike i računarstva
Sveučilište: Sveučilište u Zagrebu
Mjesto: Zagreb
Datum: 17.03.
Godina: 2017
Stranica: 115
Mentor: Pribanić, Tomislav
Ključne riječi: Stereo correspondence estimation ; active stereo ; passive stereo ; smartphone ; 3D surface registration
( Stereo correspondence estimation ; active stereo ; passive stereo ; smartphone ; 3D surface registration )
In order to develop a novel 3D reconstruction system on smartphone, this work first gives an analysis of the state of the art active and passive stereo 3D approaches. Drawbacks as well as the advantages of the mentioned approaches are identified and a novel approach to stereo correspondence estimation is presented as a combination of the main ideas of the approaches. In brief, the proposed approach considers image pixel values both in spatial and time domain. That way inherent downsides, common to passive stereo based approaches (problems in reconstructing poorly textured surfaces and surfaces with repetitive patterns) and active stereo based approaches (influence of changing surface albedo on the reconstruction results), are significantly reduced. Secondly, an overview of hardware and software properties of smartphones is presented, pointing out the main requirements and limitations which smartphones as a deployment platform impose on the application. Stereo correspondence estimation methods presented in this work leverage the hardware available on the smartphone (flash, two rear facing cameras) obtaining satisfactory 3D reconstruction results while keeping the requirements on the computational resources as low as possible. Following the novel approach about 3D reconstruction, a novel 3D surface registration method is also presented. It accomplishes an accurate and computationally feasible registration utilizing the measurement data from only two sensors: the accelerometer and magnetometer available on the smartphone. Besides a detailed explanation of the presented methods, an exhaustive evaluation of the proposed ideas is provided too.
Projekt / tema: Three-dimensional reconstruction using smartphone. Croatian-French bilateral project
Izvorni jezik: eng
Znanstvena područja:
Upisao u CROSBI: Tomislav Pribanić (, 1. Vel. 2018. u 11:24 sati

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