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Autori: Ladić, Zoran
Naslov: The importance of East Adriatic shore and its urban settlementsas the main naval route for pilgrimaging from Venice and East Adriatic communes to the Terra sancta and other pilgrim shrines in the high and the Late Middle Ages
Izvornik: Between Three Seas: Borders, Migrations, Connections. The Third Biennial Conference of the Medieval Central Europe Research Network / Špoljarić, Luka ; Vedriš, Trpimir (ur.). - Zagreb : FF-press , 2018. 33-33 (ISBN: 978-953-175-683-9).
Skup: Between Three Seas: Borders, Migrations, Connections. The Third Biennial Conference of the Medieval Central Europe Research Network
Mjesto i datum: Zagreb, Hrvatska, 12-14. 04. 2018.
Ključne riječi: The Middle Ages, pilgrimages, Holy Land, travelogues, East Adriatic Coast
In the first part of the presentation, based on the analysis of published and unpublished notary records from several East Adriatic communes (Poreč, Zadar, Rab, Trogir, Dubrovnik, Kotor, and some other), the author will examine pilgrim destinations, social and gender status, professional structure of pilgrims, costs of pilgrimages et cetera. The presentation is based on the analysis of last wills as a primary source, which often contains data concerning pilgrimages. Particular attention will be paid to the research of so called peregrinationes maiores and peregrinationes minores. The choice of pilgrim destinations is usually the consequence of popularity of certain saints in some period and the author shall try to examine the influence of cult of saints on the choice of East Adriatic pilgrimages. In te second part the author will analyse several narrative sources (in the first place pilgrim diaries) written by travellers from West Europe to Terra sanca in the above mentioned period. Educated pilgrims often left very interesting data regarding geography, everyday life of denizens of East Adriatic urban societies, their population, piety, material culture, architecture, reliquaries of communal patron saints, and so on, thus expressing their personal experience of East Adriatic urban societies in that period.
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Projekt / tema: HRZZ-IP-2014-09-6547
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Upisao u CROSBI: Zoran Ladić (, 16. Tra. 2018. u 13:09 sati

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