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Autori: Katalinić, Vesna; Kujundžić, Jana; Tarabić, Božidar Nikša; Peto Kujundžić, Lana
Naslov: Youth awareness of their rights in legal proceedings in the Republic of Croatia
Izvornik: CHILD MALTREATMENT & WELL-BEING: Contemporary issues, research & practice / Popović, Stjepka ; Van Erwegen, Lucienne (ur.). - Rijeka :
Skup: 1st International Scientific Conference „Child Maltreatment & Well-Being“
Mjesto i datum: Rijeka, Hrvatska, 7-8.07.2017.
Ključne riječi: child ; child rights ; court proceedings ; project ; Croatia ; knowledge
Objective: Various research projects have shown that children’s wellbeing depends on being aware and informed about what is happening to them, especially in legal proceedings (Saywitz and Nathanson 2015, Cashmore 2002, Fresher and Aldridge 1994, Saywitz and Nathanson 1993, Saywitz, Jaenicke and Camparo 1990). In the Guidelines of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe on child-friendly justice, adopted by the Committee in 2010, it is stated that child friendly justice encompasses taking care of the specific needs of children before, during and after the judicial proceedings. Two year’s project „The Right(s) court for children“ funded by EU and implemented in Croatia by Brave Phone, aims to educate children and youth, but also to advocate necessity of child friendly justice system where child rights are understood and implemented. The aim of implementing research about children’s knowledge of legal proceedings in Croatia is to get the objective picture of the level of their understanding and knowledge of child justice system and their rights in court, no matter if their role is a witness, victim or perpetrator. This is a good starting point to advocate for visibility and availability of information regarding justice for children. Method: Research was carried out with 110 children and youth aged 14-18 years in a Graphic school and First Gymnasium in Zagreb, as part of an EU project „The Right(s) court for children“. Anonymous questionnaires were distributed to children developed by psychologists and social workers employed at Brave Phone and the Child Protection Centre of Zagreb, with the guidance of a judicial expert, judge Lana Peto Kujundžić. The school psychologist gave detailed instruction to children how to fulfil the questionnaires and she was present through the entire process. Results: Data of this research shows that only 5.9 % of them knew that the boundary of childhood is 14 years of age, and only 3.4 % knew that age was the beginning of criminal and civil liabilities in Croatia. Indicative is the fact that 77.2% of children reported that they didn`t receive any kind of education about their rights in court proceedings. Conclusion: The results of the study show that there is a necessity of including education about children’s rights in general and child rights in court proceedings in particular in the educational system of children in Croatia.
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Upisao u CROSBI: Božidar Nikša Tarabić (, 24. Tra. 2018. u 12:59 sati

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