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Autori: Franc, Renata; Sučić, Ines; Babarović, Toni; Brajša-Žganec, Andreja; Kaliterna-Lipovčan, Ljiljana; Dević, Ivan
Naslov: How to Develop Well-Being Survey Questions for Young Children: Lessons Learned from Cross- Cultural Cognitive Interviews
Knjiga: Measuring Youth Well-being
Urednik/ci: Pollock, Garry ; Ozan, Jessica ; Goswami, Haridhan ; Rees, Gwyther ; Stasulane, Anita
Izdavač: Springer International Publishing AG
Grad: Cham
Godina: 2018
Serija: Children’s Well-Being: Indicators and Research
Raspon stranica:: 91-109
ISBN: 978-3-319-76062-9
Ključne riječi: Survey design ; Young children ; Cognitive interviews ; Response scales ; Time frames
There are several major challenges related to conducting cross-cultural wellbeing surveys, which are even more pronounced when respondents are young children. In order to explore how young children from different countries understand, interpret and process well-being survey questions, within the MYWeB project, the cognitive interviews (CI) study was conducted with young children in six European countries. The specific research objective was to test new/adapted measures of well-being, the CI testing was focused on comprehension and appropriateness of items and exact wording, recall and judgement in the given time frames, and the given response format among young children. The CI study was conducted in three consecutive rounds, in total, 77 seven year-olds and 118 eight year-olds (N = 195) were interviewed by 26 interviewers. The chapter discuss the main findings and presents general recommendations on how to develop and conduct a well-being survey that is age-appropriate for young children.
Projekt / tema: EK-FP7-613368
Izvorni jezik: ENG
Kategorija: Ostalo
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